art works

Selected works/projects

Buurboeken Hier te Leen (Neighbouring books can be borrowed here) poster + book borrowing project during the closure of public libraries in the COVID-19 pandemic. Part of PrintRoom’s project Venster Zien – Window Zine Rotterdam 2020

Frekuensi Merapi – sound piece in volcano observation station. Group exhibition 900 MDPL Kaliurang Yogyakarta ID 2017

excerpt of Frekuensi Merapi

If it Were my Turn to Speak – group exhibition KIOSK Ghent BE. Installation with video 2017

Return to Rightful Owner – solo exhibition Van Abbemuseum Library with Onomatopee Sept 2016 – Jan 2017

In der Freihand – solo project Tent. Rotterdam 2015

Archive Resonance – website project Opekta Cologne 2015

Various installations in different groups exhibitions. L to R: Paraplufabrieken Nijmegen 2014, Showroom MAMA 2014, R’dam, Art Rotterdam 2013 & graduation show DAI 2011

El Deformes Рun diario ocasional. Newspaper project & exhibition i.c.w CRAC Valparaíso Chile 2013

Repeating the Archive – solo exhibition on location in Wesel DE with Schloss Ringenberg 2010

Radio Kootwijk – moving image installation in loop. Sound by Stijn Koek 2008