June 2020
Poster design commission for the Venster Zien / Window Zine project PrintRoom Rotterdam

BUURBOEK HIER TE LEEN - is a poster designed and distributed on invitation of PrintRoom for the project Venster Zien. Harnessing the great Dutch tradition of raamdecoratie, domestic window displays, PrintRoom created a series of riso printed posters for our neighbours to customise and publish in their windows. Buurboek is an idea that arose during the Corona lock-down and the closure of the Public Library. The poster encourages neighbors to lend to and borrow books from the personal libraries of their neigbors.


Friday 13 September 2019 7 -9 pm: Czar Kristoff – Latag || Eva Olthof – Public Library Of

>A polite occupation by nesting
>A talk about publishing and precarity
>A mini-bookstore on the floor

*To spread, unfold, or lay something out on the ground.


EVA OLTHOF will talk about her ongoing research Public Library Of for which she travelled to the United States to visit multiple public and self-organised libraries and bring back ideas for the Rotterdam context. Keeping in mind the question: how to make the Rotterdam Central Library a democratic place?

is the first zine in a series addressing that question and the start of a collaboration between Eva Olthof, PrintRoom, and library users.


Conversation on library research with Sandra Smets mentioned in her article on Artwashing for Dutch Newspaper NRC. Have a look (in Dutch): Weg met de artwashing!


2019 Toekenning Werkbijdrage Bewezen Talent / Stipendium Established Artists Mondriaan Fund


October 2018 Trip to US visiting: Interference Archive, The ABC No Rio Zine Library in Exile at the Clemente, Reanimation Library, New York Public Library, Queens Library and Brooklyn Central Library in New York City. Punk Archive of the DC Public Library Washington DC. Chicago: Marc Fischer/Temporary Services/Library Excavations, Read/Write Library, Joan Flasch Artists' Books Collection, several Chicago Public Libraries.


Public Library of / Perpustakaan Umum…

Discussion with KUNCI cultural studies center, Ruma Baca Komunitas, Eva Olthof & Audience

In many countries the role of public libraries is changing. In the Netherlands many neighborhood libraries were recently closed due to budget cuts by a neo-liberal government – in Indonesia there has never been a substantial public library system. Self-organized libraries have filled some of these gaps. In what significant political moment(s) did they arise? What impact do libraries have on local communities? Can a library function as a public safe space that is open to different voices? Which tactics are deployed by self-organized libraries to encourage uncensored and unrestricted access to information?

In this discussion KUNCI Cultural Studies Center and library will share their founding history just after reformasi, their collection and the way they run it. Rumah Baca Komunitas started in 2012 and runs a ‘fixed’ library and a mobile library (Perpustakaan Jalanan, started in 2014) (Perpustakaan Jalanan) – every sunday they can be found at Alun Alun Kidul where they, aside to providing books, create a space for debate on local issues that directly effect the lives of Jogja citizens. Eva Olthof is a visual artist living and working in Rotterdam. She is currently working at KUNCI, researching self organization and libraries. Before she has been doing research on public libraries in Germany and the USA.

Sunday, 17 December 2017, 1.30-4 pm
at Jogja Library Center (Perpustakaan Malioboro)
Jalan Maliboro 175, Yogyakarta

Free and open for public

900mdpl is an extensive site-specific art project located in Kaliurang, a small village on the southern slope of an active volcano, Mt.Merapi with average altitude of 900 meters above sea level. 900mdpl aims to respond to the space, collect stories, and revisit local wisdoms and value, promoting on knowledge exchange and community engagements through collaborative projects •

900mdpl consists of two parts: first, the residency period for each of the artists followed with production of their solo projects; and second, the grand project presentation of all artists on November 2017 at many different sites around Kaliurang where audience will be guided with a map to each of the solo projects of the artist. The audiences are invited to walk around Kaliurang to fully experience the space. For the artist, walking is the research methodology. For the audience, walking is the act of activating the place and turn it into a space of experience and to weave together the narration in each sites presented by the artist. • To access the exhibition, maps and walking tour are provided. There will be series of workshops too by artist collectives for public and local community during the week of project final presentation. 900mdpl is projected to be a seed of continues platform of site-specific art project, offering a space of possibilities •

Curator: Mira Asriningtyas •

Artists: Anggun Priambodo | Dimaz Maulana | Dito Yuwono | Edita Atmaja | Eva Olthof | Maryanto | Mella Jaarsma | Sandi Kalifadani | Simon Kentgens •

Show Me Your Archive and I Will Tell You Who is in Power
29.04.17 - 16.06.17
Opening: Friday 28 April 2017 - 20:00
Kiosk - Ghent, Belgium

Full text

Documents from public archives that provide insight in these historical and local contexts make up the backbone of the exhibition. In addition, visual artists Marwa Arsanios, Saddie Choua, Amandine Gay, Kapwani Kiwanga, Ato Malinda, Eva Olthof and collective Study Group for Solidarity and TransActions were invited to make new work, connecting with these archives and themes and approach them from a postcolonial, transnational or politically emancipatory context. They offer new critical perspectives on history and in turn help to shape the guise of another new wave of feminism.

Show Me Your Archive and I Will Tell You Who is in Power is organized by KIOSK and KASK / School of Arts Ghent in the context of The Uses of Art – The Legacy of 1848 and 1989, a project initiated by the museum confederation L’Internationale with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union. The project is curated by Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez, Wim Waelput and assistant curator Rachelle Dufour.

DISCLOSED #4 Eva Olthof

SULFUR a collaboration of Eva Olthof & Rachel Carey
Sulfur is an accumulation of various collaborative experiments since Rachel Carey temporarily moved into Eva Olthof's studio at Het Wilde Weten for a period of three weeks, with results put on display on Saturday January 21st. Doors open at 20:00.

HWW disclosed is a new public program initiated by Het Wilde Weten that commenced this summer and will run the upcoming two years. Het Wilde Weten consists of sixteen artist that have a studio in the former nunnery at the Robert Fruinstraat. Every six weeks one of the members will host a public event that derives directly from their artistic practice. This will result in a lively series of talks, exhibitions, screenings, performances and more, disclosing the energy and pluriformity of the collective and creating public moments to meet and interact.

Special thanks goes to Team Thursday.

This program is kindly supported by the Mondriaan fund.

Ontwikkeling- en Onderzoeksbeurs CBK Rotterdam for project Listening to Deep Sound a project about listening, the Merapi volcano and radio - to be conducted a.o. with and at KUNCI Cultural Studies Center in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in 2017.

Return to Rightful Owner

Van Abbemuseum - library exhibition
I.c.w Onomatopee Eindhoven
Curated by Kris Dittel
Opening: 4 September 2016
Untill: 6 January 2017
NB: free entrance, open Tue-Fri

Detail installation

REVIEW ON Return to Rightful Owner in Tubelight #100 sept-aug 2016

If all of the moons aligned

September 24 - October 18, 2016 | Thu-Sun 2-7 pm
Opening: September 23 | 7 pm

SAVVY Contemporary | Plantagenstraße 31 | 13347 Berlin-Wedding

Curated by Brigitta Isabella and Renan Laru-an

Participanting Artists: Irwan Ahmett and Tita Salina, Annika Eriksson, Theo Eshetu, Lyra Garcellano & W. Don Flores, Ladislava Gažiová, Ho Rui An, Ho Tzu Nyen, Hiwa K, Timoteus Anggawan Kusno, Eva Olthof, Karol Radziszewski/Queer Archives Institute, Cathleen Schuster and Marcel Dickhage, Sina Seifee, The Bureau of Melodramatic Research, Mi You, Virlani Rupini with Leon Tan

On show: Return to Rightful Owner, artist book, 2015 + Blue Proposal (excerpt), carved text in styrofoam, 2016

Expeditie Noord
I am developed a walk along the Spiegelwaal in Nijmegen.
In commission of Festival de Oversteek - the walks took place on 11th September 2016.

Contribition to
guest-curated by Kris Dittel in collaboration with the project space and art publisher Onomatopee, Eindhoven.
Through a selection of research materials and artistic contributions, Unfold#3, The Economy is Spinning engages with the antagonistic relationship between the library as a temple of knowledge and the irrational, ephemeral semiotics of the market, stressing the tensions between preservation and destruction, endurance and amnesia, utopia and dystopia.
have a look here: Unfold #3

PASANG AIR #1 residency exhibition
Cemeti Art House Yogyakarta 24 - 30 November 2015
Chen Chia-Jen, Eva Olthof & Yudha Kusuma Putera

Documentation installation No Title (He fell into the crater) 2015
Table, three stools, Maja fruit, notebook, pen, projected slideshow, text on wall, spoken text on mp3 player

September 1 - November 30 2015 - residency at Cemeti Art House Yogyakarta, Indonesia
With the generous support of CBK Rotterdam. Starting point of the project: Mount Merapi, transmigration politics & returning



OUT-OF-THE-BIEB May 20 to June 17, 2015
Free to all (working title) visiting the Public Libraries in Boston, Baltimore, Washington D.C. & Detroit for the project Out-Of-The-Bieb. Commissioned by bibliotheek Midden Brabant, Den Bosch, Cubiss & BBKC

NEW PUBLICATION + Solo presentation TENT. Rotterdam
Return to Rightful Owner
Photography: Eva Olthof
Text: Eva Olthof, Doreen Mende
Design: Stefano Faoro

NEW ONLINE PROJECT - an Archive of Memories
was lauched on 3.3.2015 - 6 years after the collapse of the Historical Archive of Cologne.

>>> <<<

A project initiated by Eva Olthof
Graphic design: Maarten Brandenburg & Kim de Groot.
Development: Annemieke van der Hoek
Language: German & English