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Onomatopee 116

Photography: Eva Olthof
Text: Eva Olthof, Doreen Mende, Eben Moglen
Design: Stefano Faoro
Published: April 2015
Softcover , 92 pages

This project originated during a four months work period at Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin December 2013 - March 2014

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Erinnern Sie sich an den Tag des Einsturzes?
Concept & design: Eva Olthof
Edition: 1000
Off set, 2014

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Do we ever know where history is really made?
Concept project: Eva Olthof
Collections of printed matter by Jetske de Boer, Eva Olthof, Patrícia Sousa, Marija Suijica & Miek Zwamborn
Graphic design: Stefano Faoro i.c.w the artists
Print: Knust/Extrapool
Publisher: Extrapool, Nijmegen
Edition: 100, 2013
€15 to be bought at Halfwithal Extrapool Nijmegen & PrintRoom Rotterdam

El Deformes
Concept: Eva Olthof i.c.w. CRAC Vaparaíso, Chile
Design: Eva Olthof
Publisher: CRAC Valparaíso
Edition: 2000
Language: Spanish
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Another Room
concept, editing and design: Eva Olthof & Stefano Faoro
Authors: Eva Olthof, Stefano Faoro & Miek Zwamborn
Printing: DPN, Nijmegen
Edition: 150 copies
Pages: 16

€5 (ex. shipping costs)

I have never seen volcanoes but when travellers tell
Concept: Eva Olthof
Title: Emily Dickinson, poem 175, c. 1870, first two lines
Authors: Peter Delpeut, Siri Driessen, Eva Olthof and Roman Signer
Photograph: Eva Olthof
Design: Stefano Faoro/ Werkplaats Typografie/ArtEZ
Collection editor 2011: Rebecca Sakoun
Translation Dutch-English: Laura Almagor
Publisher: Dutch Art Institute/ArtEZ
Print: Die Keure, Brugge
Edition: 350 copies
Pages: 32
ISBN: 987-94-90294-27-4
Dutch & English: Peter Delpeut
English: Siri Driessen, Eva Olthof & Roman Signer

€8,50 (ex. shipping costs) & can be bought at
PrintRoom Rotterdam / Bookiewoekie Amsterdam / Motto Berlin / Dutch Art Institute Arnhem

Repeating the archive, niemals geht man so ganz
Artist: Eva Olthof
Curator: Lieke Wouters
Text: Lieke Wouters (in German, English & Dutch)
Editor: Nancy Wolter
Design: Bas Reijnen
Stencil print: Extrapool, Nijmegen
Translations: Nina Dörner & Jop Luberti
Photography: Eva Olthof
Edition: 600 copies
Pages: 34
Publisher: Derik-Baegert-Gesellschaft/Schloss Ringenberg

€5 (ex. shipping costs)